Wednesday, May 23, 2018
LCPS Mission: The Las Cruces Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and the community, provides a student-centered learning environment that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and embraces diversity.

Section I: Instruction

Policy Regulation Form
IA_Instructional_Goals IA-R Instructnl Goals FINAL 111312
ICA_School_Calendar ICA-R Calendar FINAL PROTECTED 101012
IGA_Curriculum_Develop IGA-R Curriculum Development FINAL SIGNED 110512 IGA-E1
IGA-E3 Parent Permission Video 121312
IHAE_Physical-Education_040114 IHAE-R Physical Education
IHAEA Recess 052511
IHAF_Visual-Perfor_Arts_101612 IHAF-R_Visual_Perf Arts_080613
Procedure 424 Religion (071211)
IHAM Health Education IHAM-R Health Education
IHAMD Nutrition Education IHAMD-R_NutritionEd_120715
IHB_SpEd_RelatedServices FINAL SIGNED 092011 IHB-R Special Education Handbook FINAL 050212
IHBE_Bilingual_Instr IHBE-R Bilingual FINAL 032713
IHBF_Homebound Students_091812
IHBF-R Homebound FINAL SIGNED 110612 IHBF-E1 Tutoring FINAL SIGNED 021513
IHBF-E2 Physician Referral Final PROTECTED 021513
IHBG_HomeSchooling_101612 IHBG-R Home School FINAL SIGNED 110512
IHBHD_Alternative_Means IHBHD-R Alt Credit
IHBHER Virtual Online Learning IHBHER Virtual FINAL SIGNED 062713 IHBHE E1 Course Contract 042313 (1)
IHBHE E2 VLA Withdrawal_Form 042313 (1)
IHCDA_Concurrent_Enroll IHCDA – R Dual Credit Enroll
IHCG_K-3_Plus_120914 IHCG-R K-3 Plus
IJJ Textbook Selection FINAL SIGNED 111511 IJJ-R_Textbook_Selection-Adoption-Use
IJL Library Mat IJL-R Library Materials FINAL SIGNED PROTECTED 032211
IJOA Field Trips IJOA-R Field Trips IJOA-E1 Request Rationale
IJOA-E2: In/Out of District Field Trip Request Form
IJOA-E3 Parent Request to Transport
IJOA-E4 Out of State Student Travel
IJOC Volunteers 041911 IJOC-R_Volunteers_FINAL_092415
IKAB Grading and Reporting_021715 IKAB-R Grading Reporting
IKC Weighted Grade Point IKC-R GPAS IKC-E1 GPA
IKE_Assign_Promo_Interv_Reten IKE-R Assign Interv IKE-E1: LCPS Academic Acceleration Guidance Manual
IKF_Grad-Credit_Requirements_120815 IKF-R_Grad_Require_070813
IKFBGrad Commencement IKFB-R Graduation-Ceremonies
ILBB_District_Assessment_Program ILBB-R-Assessments_8.15.16 ILBB-E1_Parent Refusal Form-ENG
ILBB-E1 Parent Refusal Form-Espanol
ILD_EdSurveys_Research ILD-R Ed Surveys ILD-E1_ResearchApplication_033012
ILD-E2 res agreement
IMDB_Flag_Display IMDB-R Flag Display
IMG Animals IMG-R Animals IMG-E1
Policy 480 Equal Education
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