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LCPS Mission: The Las Cruces Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and the community, provides a student-centered learning environment that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and embraces diversity.


Policy Regulation Form
GAA Human Resource Development Systems
GAB Code Ethical Respon GAB-R: Code Ethical Responsibility Regulation
GBJB GBJB-R Personnel Files and Employee References GBJB-E1_Resignation_Form

GBJB Personnel 246

GBJB Personnel 262

GBJB_E1_Resignation Form (6.19.15)
GBAA Title IX/Gender Equity (Staff)
GBC- Salary Schedules GBC – Salary Schedules -Procedure 270
GBD Family Medical Leave GBD-R Family Medical Leave (PDF) LCPS FML Rqst and Medical GBD-E1rv16
GBEA_Employee_Conflict GBEA-R_Employee_ConfictInterest GBEA-E1 Employee Conflict Sample Letters
GBEA-E2 Employee Conflict Waiver Form
GBEBC Gift Solicitations GBEBC Gifts Procedure 244
GBEC Drug_Alcohol Free FINAL SIGNED 101910 GBEC-R_Drug-AlcoholFree_11.3.14
GBGF Procedure 248
GBGBA Employee Assault Employee Assault Procedure 250
GBGC EmployeeAssist-Wellness_090115 GBGC-R EmployeeAssist-Wellness GBGC_E1_EAP_Supv-Referral-form
GBGC_E2_EAP Release of Information
GBGF Insurance GBGB Staff Insurance procedure 234
GBJC-R _Employment_09.01.15
GBK Grievance GBK-R Staff Concerns, Complaints, Grievances FINAL 051910
GBKA_Whistleblower_111312 Procedure 222
GCAB Selection Duties GBKA-R Whistleblower FINAL SIGNED 011317
Policy GCC GCC: Employee Leaves
GCG Substitutes Procedure 264
GCK Assign Transfer Procedure 210
Procedure 226
GCK Staff Assignments and Transfers – Procedure # 254
GCKC Admin Intervention GCKC Administrative Intervention
GCMD Estra Duty Overtime GCMD Staff Extra Duty Procedure 224
Procedure 226

GCO Staff Evaluation Procedure 228
GCQ: Separation from Employment
GCQA RIF Procedure 256
Policy Procedure 209
Policy Procedure 238
Policy Procedure 242
Policy Procedure 242
Policy Procedure 260
Policy Procedure 266A
Policy Procedure 268
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