Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Children with Special Dietary Needs

The federal register (volume 60 No. 113 – Department of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Service, 7 CFR Section 210) states that schools shall make substitutions for students who are considered handicapped under 7 CFR part 15b and whose handicap restricts their diet. Schools may also make substitutions for non-handicapped students who are unable to consume the regular lunch because of medical or other special dietary needs. Substitutions shall be made on a case-by-case basis only when supported by a statement of the need for substitutions that includes recommended alternate foods. Such statement shall, in the case of handicapped students, be signed by a physician or in the case of a non-handicap student, by a recognized medical authority

Variations or substitutions for ethnic, religious or economic reasons may be approved on an experimental or continuing basis in any school where there is evidence that such variations are nutritionally sound and are necessary.

If your child needs a dietary substitution other than limited intake of milk, contact the Nutrition Services Director at 527-5996. If the need is for limited intake of milk, provide the medical note to the Nutrition Services Manager at your child’s school.

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