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LCPS Mission: The Las Cruces Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and the community, provides a student-centered learning environment that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and embraces diversity.

Healthy Schools & Families

Through Coordinated School Health

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Purpose and Functions

Las Cruces Public Schools is only one of seven districts in the nation to participate in a multi-year coordinated school health project by the National Urban School Health Leadership Institute and American Cancer Society. The project serves to jumpstart school districts into a leadership position focused on improving a community’s health. Healthy Students & Healthy Families through Coordinated School Health establishes this preeminent role for the school district and the families it serves. As Health and Nutrition Specialist, Ms. Berger provides support to the Nutrition Services DepartmentHealth Services Department, and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in their expanding roles to provide education to employees and parents about the function health and nutrition play in student success. Improvement in health and establishing health habits plays a part to increase graduation rates, decrease absenteeism and create a climate for academic success and achievement. LCPS Nutrition Policies
Nutrition Education – IHAMDJLJ – Student NutritionJLJ-RA – Student Nutrition Regulation

LCPS Health Initiatives

Coordinated Community Activities. LCPS is coordinating with community organizations and agencies throughout the year on various activities. After-school fitness activities. Check with your local school about available family fitness events. Coordinated Health and Nutrition Education. Some schools participate in the CATCH program (Coordinated Approach to Child Health). CATCH promotes good health through education. CATCH:

1) encourages development of noncompetitive, fun, physically active elementary physical education programs
2) creating healthy food choices (such as low fat and low sodium) in cafeteria food
3) incorporates health education into the classroom curriculum
4) provides education to families and the community about lifestyle changes that focus on the benefits of physical activity and proper nutrition

Go to CATCH for general information.

The following Las Cruces Public Schools district-wide health committees are looking for interested parents and students.

  • School Health Advisory Council – (SHAC) Gives input on the Coordinated School Health Program in order to help create a safe, healthy and secure environment where students can learn and thrive. Our purpose is to produce healthier students who make better learners. This year we are focusing on the latest data from the NM Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey, continuing work on middle and high school social and emotional health, and reviewing the new wellness policies that are to be completed by January 07. Meets the first Wednesday of each month at 4:00pm. For more information call Barbara Berger at 527-5943 or bberger at
  • District Nutrition Advisory Council- (DNAC) Provides input to district Nutrition Services Program regarding school meals, food service operations, nutrition education and nutrition policies. This year we will help support the new district nutrition policy, look for other ways to improve student nutrition and continue our investigation of recess before lunch in elementary schools. Meets the second Thursday of each month at 4:00pm – 5:30pm in LCPS Administration Building. For more information call Barbara Berger at 527-5943 or bberger

Resources for Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activities

LCPS Health Resources

Staff Wellness
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers free, confidential counseling services for all LCPS employees. EAP also provides workshops for school staff and consultation for a variety of work-related issues.
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