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LCPS Mission: The Las Cruces Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and the community, provides a student-centered learning environment that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and embraces diversity.
Health Services
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The Health Services Office is responsible for providing, supervising, and coordinating all health services for Las Cruces Public Schools. The staff consists of 40 school nurses, 9 health assistants, a social worker, a nutrition specialist, a Health Services coordinator, and a full-time secretary. In addition to performing daily first aid, the school nurses are responsible for assessing the health of students in the Las Cruces Public Schools.

How LCPS Assists Students with Their Health
Services for Students
  • Screening  By using available screening techniques and observing and eliciting the health history of each student, the school nurse can determine when a condition exists which deviates from normal and take the action necessary to help insure the academic success of the student. Routine screening may include vision, hearing, height, and weight.
  • Evaluation The unique expertise of the school nurse enables him/her to evaluate when; (1) a medical referral of a student is necessary, (2) a modification of the curriculum might be appropriate, and (3) teaching techniques might be changed to better meet the needs of a student because of impaired health or physical function.
  • Liaison  The school nurse acts as a liaison between educator and health care provider. Functions include interpreting to the health care provider the problem exhibited by the student in the educational setting, and may act as a liaison between student/family and the health care provider.
  • Referral The school nurse is familiar with community resources and is able to help parents find and utilize appropriate resources for health care.
Resources for Teachers

The school nurse interprets the findings of the health care provider to the teacher and other appropriate staff members. While service to the student is the prime consideration, the school nurse offers these same services, but to a lesser degree, to school personnel.

Nurses as Health Educators
  • Individual Health  The school nurse constantly teaches health. In almost every contact with students, he/she gives an informal health lesson. The nurse also monitors the immunization of each student and insures compliance with the New Mexico Immunization Law.
  • Classrooms The school nurse also teaches a wide spectrum of health subjects to students in grades K-12. In addition to teaching in the classroom, nurses are a valuable resource to teachers.
  • Workshops/Inservice The school nurse is available to present inservice workshops to teachers on many topics including HIV/AIDS, universal precautions, infection control, child abuse, first aid, diabetes and other diseases, classroom management of students with special health problems, CPR, and playground safety. He/she is also available to give presentations to parents on health and safety issues.
  • Nursing and Community Agency Web Sites: originally compiled by LCPS School Nurses, this list contains links to agencies that may be able to help students in difficult situations.


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