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Future ME

Author: Dennis Higgins, Albuquerque

Introduction to Future Studies

According to the INTRODUCTION TO FUTURE STUDIES HOME PAGE by Dr. Linda Groff & Dr. Paul Smoker, Co-Directors, Global Options Change is happening at an ever faster rate today–driven partly by technological changes leading to changes in all other areas of our lives, and by the increasing interdependence between countries and peoples today, as well as the decentralization of societies and institutions within countries (also furthered by information technologies today). The end of the Cold War is also changing political and economic borders, systems, and alignments, as everyone seeks to become part of a global economy and society, while still maintaining national, ethnic, and cultural identities and meaning. While the danger of all-out nuclear war between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. (now Russia and fourteen other former Republics of the Soviet Union) has greatly receeded, with the end of the Cold War, nuclear terrorism remains a danger, and other issues, such as sustainable development and preservation of the environment, have gained greater ascendancy. This has made it necessary for governments, businesses, organizations, and people to better understand change and the future, since we will all be living and working in a future world that promises to be different from today in significant ways. When people better understand change, they also often see more opportunities for their lives and ways to better positively influence the future that is being created. More about future studies:

Future Me Expo

2006 Future Me Expo Photo Album

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