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LCPS Mission: The Las Cruces Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and the community, provides a student-centered learning environment that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and embraces diversity.
PDC Store Supplies

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505 S. Main St., Loretto Towne Centre, Suite 400
Phone: 575-527-6054  Fax: 575-527-6057

Store Hours

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
(Closed Thanksgiving Holiday and Winter Holiday)

Store Resources

Items at the store are available to LCPS employees, current and retired.

Learning Materials
Classroom Resources
Arts & Crafts Supplies
School & Office Supplies
Novelty Items for Rewards & Incentives

Store Certificates Available 

Please contact Susie Montoya at 575-527-6054 for special orders.

Services Available

Award Maker
Banner & Poster Printing
Hot & Cold Laminating
Binding Combs & Machine

PDC Store

PDC Store

Store Supplies
2-pocket folders
Binder clips
Blank CDs & floppy disks
Bookmarks, assorted, foam, & novelty page clips
Borders: variety
Bulletin board sets
Cardstock-assorted colors pastel and Astrobrite
Chart tablets
Clipboards: Letter & small
Clock dials & clock stamps
Compasses & protractors: variety
Composition books
Construction paper
Craft sticks, buttons
Desk name plates, various styles
Dice: assorted sizes, regular, wood, foam, rubber, dice bags & cups
Dry Erase sheets
Envelopes: manilla, astrobite, card
Erasers: pink, gum, novelty, white board, chalkboard
E-Z Graders
Felt squares
File folders: letter/legal-assorted colores, manilla
Flash cards
Foam Display Boards
Foam sheets
Gift bags
Glue: white, rubber cement, glue sticks
Groupwise study guides
Hang-up bags: assorted sizes
Highlighter tape: assorted colors
Highlighters: variety of colores & sizes
Hole punch
Incentive Charts, assorted sizes
Ink pads: Black, colors
Laminated hundreds charts
Lead refills for mechanical pencils
Learning wrap-ups
Library book cards & pockets
Loose-leaf book rings
Magnetic sheets & magnetic tape
Markers: Dry erase, permanet, vis-à-vis, Sharpies, Crayola, metallic
Mod podge
Monthly seasonal items
Nametags: variety, regular, novelty, hanging name badges
Novelty items for rewards & incentives
Office copy paper-Astrobrite colores
Office copy paper-pastel colors
Origami paper
Overhead pointers
Pencil boxes & notebook zipper carry-all
Pencils:yellow, primary, novelty, colored, mechanical
Pens: variety
Picture story newsprint
Pipe cleaners
Pizza circles, cardboard
Play money: coins, bills, stamps, rubbing plates, stickers
Pocket charts: Hundreds, calender, standard pocket charts
Pop-up sponge
Post cards
Posters: assorted
Primary paper
Pushpins, paper clips, map pins, magnets
Puzzles: various, map, games, blank
Quick Study guides
Railroad board
Recognition award certificates
Ruffle board
Rulers: wood, plastic, overhead, novelty, tape measures, folding rulers
Science Display Boards
Scissors, assorted sizes
Sentence strips: white, manilla, colors
Sequins & spangles
Sharpeners-assorted novelty
Sheet protectors
Shirts, LCPS polo & denim
Sorting circles & sorting items
Spinners, assorted
Stamps: stamp sets, wooden, novelty, coin, clock
Stickers: variety
Tag board
Tape: clear, double-sided, poster, packaging, masking, colored masking tape, book tape, Post-it Tape
Tempra paint
Timers: sandtimers, apple mechanical timers
Tissue paper- assorted colors
Tooling foil
Vinyl 2-pocket folders
Water color & paint brushes
Water colors
Wikki Stix
Wood craft clothes pins, variety
Yardsticks & meter sticks
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