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LCPS Mission: The Las Cruces Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and the community, provides a student-centered learning environment that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and embraces diversity.

Title I

 Title I funds provide supplemental educational support for children who are failing or at-risk of failing to meet the state’s academic standards. Title I staff collaborate with the LCPS Department of Instruction, other departments and schools to plan, develop, and implement research-based instructional practices/programs that enhance and support the achievement of Title I students.
Title I Staff

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Programs and Services

Reading Instruction – Title I schools have certified reading specialists and educational assistants who provide supplemental literacy instruction for individual or small groups of educationally at-risk students. Instruction typically occurs in 20-90 minute sessions through an in-class model or in a lab setting. Many teachers incorporate the use of computer assisted instruction as part of their overall program.

Math Instruction – Title I schools who have identified math to be a school priority provide supplemental math instruction for individuals or small groups of at-risk students in sessions of 20-90 minutes. Instruction most often occurs through educational assistants who work under the direct supervision of a certified teacher; however, some schools utilize Title I funds for a certified math teacher.

Neglected/Delinquent (N & D) Institution Services – Title I support is provided at four N & D sites. Title I support is provided through tutorial sources based on the individual needs of the students for one hour, Monday through Thursday at the FYI Shelter and the FYI Group Homes. Title I supports the district program at the Doña Ana Juvenile Dentention Center with materials and supplies, and an educational assistant. Title I funds an educational assistant position and provides materials and supplies for the Mesilla Valley Hospital’s Del Rey High School.

Selection of Title I Schools

Schools are eligible to receive Title I services if they are in a low income area. Identification of Title I schools is based on the number of students in a school who qualify for free or reduced price lunches.

Title I schools:

    Elementary Schools

    • Alameda
    • Booker T. Washington
    • Central
    • César Chavez
    • Columbia
    • Conlee
    • Doña Ana
    • East Picacho
    • Hermosa Heights
    • Loma Heights
    • MacArthur
    • Mesilla Park
    • Monte Vista
    • Sunrise
    • Tombaugh
    • University Hills
    • Valley View

    Middle Schools

    • Lynn
    • Mesa
    • Picacho
    • Vista
    • Mesa

    Charter Middle Schools

    • La Academia Dolores Huerta

    High Schools

    • Las Montañas
    • San Andres

    Private/Non-profit Schools

    • LCCS – Holy Cross
    • Mesilla Valley Christian


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