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ELA: Grade 3 – Quarter 2

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Unpacked Standards : Quarter 2

L.3.1f Unpacked
L.3.1g Unpacked

L.3.1h Unpacked

L.3.1i Unpacked

RI.3.8 Unpacked

RI.3.9 Unpacked

RL.3.1 Unpacked
RL.3.2 Unpacked
RL.3.9 Unpacked
W.3.2a-d Unpacked

All standards that were taught as focused standards in Quarter 2 can continue to be reviewed and retaught throughout the school year through integration until students have reached mastery.

At A Glance

At a Glace G3Q2-Revised (16-17)

Integrated standards are suggested standards that could be integrated at any time as deemed instructionally appropriate.

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