Tuesday, October 16, 2018
LCPS Mission: The Las Cruces Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and the community, provides a student-centered learning environment that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and embraces diversity.
ELA: Grade 1 – Quarter 2

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Unpacked Standards : Quarter 2

Unpacked L.1.1e
Unpacked L.1.1f
Unpacked L.1.1g
Unpacked RF.1.2a
Unpacked RF.1.2b
Unpacked RF.1.2c
Unpacked RF.1.2d
Unpacked RF.1.3c
Unpacked RF.1.3d
Unpacked RF.1.3e
Unpacked RI.1.8
Unpacked RI.1.9
Unpacked RL.1.1
Unpacked RL.1.2
Unpacked RL.1.9

All standards that were taught as focused standards in Quarter 2 can continue to be reviewed and retaught throughout the school year through integration until students have reached mastery.

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