Friday, October 19, 2018
Last Updated October 18, 2018 04:26 PM MDT
LCPS Mission: The Las Cruces Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and the community, provides a student-centered learning environment that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and embraces diversity.

Science Resource Center

The LCPS Materials Management Department coordinates the district Science Resource Center that provides the supplies for the science kits for teachers. Kits correspond with the district science curriculum requirements and are distributed to the elementary schools grades K-5.

You will no longer be required to reserve any of the science kits. Items for each kit can be ordered individually as the need arises. Each school will have a designated contact person who will submit via email an order to the SRC clerk at Material Management. A sample ordering booklet, with instructions, has been delivered to each school with all the supplies that can be ordered. An additional one was also delivered for the Principal of each school.

In order for us to meet the time lines of the science projects, we ask for the school contact to submit the orders to the SRC two weeks in advance of the time needed.

Training for Science kits is planned and provided through the LCPS Professional Development Center. All teachers will receive training information in the fall. Please call if you have any questions (527-6011).

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