District Audit Committee Seeks Community Volunteers

Las Cruces Public Schools is seeking two volunteer members to serve on the Audit Committee for fiscal year 2018-19. One volunteer member must be parent of a student currently attending a Las Cruces Public School. One volunteer member must have experience in accounting or financial matters, but a current Certified Public Accountant is preferred. Neither volunteer member may be a current employee of Las Cruces Public Schools or affiliated organizations.

In compliance with ยง22-8-12.3 NMSA 1978, the Audit Committee shall:

(1) evaluate the request for proposal for annual financial audit services;

(2) recommend the selection of the financial auditor;

(3) attend the entrance and exit conferences for annual and special audits;

(4) meet with external financial auditors at least monthly after audit field work begins until the conclusion of the audit;

(5) be accessible to the external financial auditors as requested to facilitate communication with the board and the superintendent;

(6) track and report progress on the status of the most recent audit findings and advise the local school board on policy changes needed to address audit findings;

(7) provide other advice and assistance as requested by the local school board; and

(8) be subject to the same requirements regarding the confidentiality of audit information as those imposed upon the local school board by the Audit Act [12-6-1 through 12-6-14 NMSA 1978] and rules of the state auditor.

Interested individuals who meet the criteria for one of the volunteer member positions may contact the Las Cruces Public Schools Finance office at (575)527-5830 or by email at rarchuleta@lcps.net.