Monte Vista Students Showcase Inventions at Schoolwide Convention

Earlier this year, more than 70 Monte Vista Elementary School (MVES) 5th graders showcased their original inventions at the Monte Vista Elementary Invention Convention. As part of the schoolwide event, students spent nine weeks researching, designing and developing inventions with practical applications.

Invention Convention

Monte Vista Elementary Invention Convention

“It was inspiring to see all of the thought and creativity that went into each invention,” Dr. Bryan McCuller, MVES Advanced Education Services facilitator. “All of the students did a fantastic job of developing solutions to real-life problems.”

McCuller explained that the nine-week project began with a review of simple machines and famous inventions, followed by a brainstorming session where students researched and designed their inventions. Prior to the presentation, each invention was required to go through a trial testing period.

Each invention was also accompanied by a display board detailing the hypothesis, conclusion, and data analysis that each student used to create their invention. Students were then judged on their ability to identify and solve a real-world problem, the construction of the invention, evidence of testing, and data presentation and their use of a minimum of two simple machines.

Following the final presentation, school officials invited parents, staff, community members and members of the Board of Education to see all of the student’s inventions and accompanying display boards.

-LCPS Communications Coordinator Paul Dahlgren,, (575) 527-5808