Report cards for all LCPS elementary school students will be distributed, as usual, Thursday, Oct. 26 and report cards for all LCPS middle school and high school students will be available Monday, Oct. 30.

Although report cards for middle and high school students will be available at each student’s respective school and available online through the district’s web-based program called ParentVUE, printed copies of the report cards will no longer be mailed to families. However, families that do not have computers or mobile device access can request a hard copy from their child’s school.

Earlier this year, LCPS district officials announced that report cards for middle and high school will no longer be mailed, in order to save the district more than $50,000 per year in postage costs.

“Given the cost and the volume of reports cards that were returned as undeliverable, it made sense to find a more cost-effective solution for delivering grades,” said LCPS Chief Technology and Research Officer Albert Vega. “The change will only affect middle and high school students and, as always, parents can access grades online through ParentVUE.”

To sign up for ParentVUE, parents first need to visit their child’s school to receive a personalized access code. For security reasons, each school will verify that the person who gets the code is the child’s legal parent or guardian, which is why it requires an in-person visit with identification, officials said.

ParentVUE is also available as an app for smartphones. Once a parent signs up for ParentVUE, they will also have access to information about school activities, students’ absences, immunizations and homework.

-LCPS Communications Coordinator Paul Dahlgren,, (575) 527-5808