MVLA State Fair

MVLA students hold up photos of their award-winning baked goods and award ribbons in the MVLA kitchen.

Thanks to their culinary creations and creative artwork, middle school students from the Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy (MVLA) took home some of the Southern New Mexico State Fair’s (SNMSF) most prestigious youth awards Sunday, Oct. 1 at the SNMSF.

“As a project-based school, we actively encourage our students to participate in competitions. Competitions showcase some of the amazing projects our students create every day, and provide an unbiased, independent evaluation of each student’s work,” said MVLA Principal Dr. Toni Hull. “I’m extremely proud of all of our students and I look forward to seeing our students submit even more entries next year.”

In total, students from the school earned 12 first place ribbons and one “best of lot” ribbon in this year’s youth baking competitions. In addition, the school earned a second place ribbon in the Middle School/Junior High category for their under-the-sea-themed art booth.

MVLA State Fair

MVLA Students pose in front of the school’s award-winning art booth.

All of the award-winning entries were created by the students during their elective time at MVLA. Students who won first place received $50, an engraved plaque and a rosette, the student who earned the “Best of Lot” award earned $25 and a rosette, and the students who won second place were awarded a rosette.

“I’d like to thank Ms. Ridgway, Ms. Serecerez, Ms. Mata and Ms. Kuhn for all of their hard work,” Hull said. “Their ongoing support has helped cultivate student success inside and outside of the classroom.”

All of the baked goods were created using original recipes developed by the students and judged on a variety of criteria that focused on taste, texture and appearance. As part of the baking competition, all of the items were auctioned at the SNMSF Bake Sale, after the judging and awards ceremony.

MVLA State Fair

MVLA Students hold up the artwork used to decorate the school’s award-winning art booth.

All of the artwork for the competition was created by MVLA students and judged on a variety of criteria that focused on elements/principals of art, creativity and overall display.

Last year, students from the school earned four first place ribbons and three second place ribbons in the SNMSF youth baking competitions.

MVLA, formerly the Mesilla Valley Alternative Middle School, is a non-traditional middle school program which, along with covering core subjects, incorporates electives such as art, music and vocational studies, through the school’s culinary arts, horticulture and woodworking classes.

-LCPS Communications Coordinator Paul Dahlgren,, (575) 527-5808