The LCPS CrossRoads program, an alternative learning program for middle and high school students who have been suspended from their assigned schools for 10 days or longer, will begin registration Thursday, Aug. 10 starting at 9 a.m. in cafeteria of the main building at the CrossRoads program campus, 821 E. Lohman.

“Through the LCPS CrossRoads program, students can maintain their education but in a strictly controlled environment,” said program administrator Joe Mestres.

Unlike a regularly assigned school, the program has its own dress code and a strict set of rules and regulations. Students are not allowed to drive to the school, and a parent or guardian must check their child in every day at the front office.  In addition, all students must wear uniforms.  Mestres said the high school students must wear khaki pants or shorts with a black polo shirt while middle school students must wear black pants or shorts with a heather gray polo shirt.

The CrossRoads program currently has six teachers, two social workers and all students have access to technology. The campus is made up of two buildings: one main building, which has three high school classrooms, a conference room and a large cafeteria, where all meals are served, and a separate building which has three middle school classrooms, Mestres said.

“The campus has two separate buildings so we are able to better separate the middle school students from the high school students,” Mestres said.

For more information, contact Mestres at (575) 527-9320 or