Citing factors such as strong educational values, the availability of full-time teaching positions, favorable teacher salaries and the low cost of living, consumer research website, ranked Las Cruces 22 out of 689 U.S. cities identified as prime areas for teachers to live and work in the 3rd Annual “Best Cities for K-12 Teachers” report.

“Las Cruces is home to a vibrant, supportive and collaborative educational community, and our teachers’ passion for education continues to be the intangible factor that brings so many distinguished educators to our district,” said Superintendent Dr. Greg Ewing. “This report confirms what many of our talented educators already knew — Las Cruces is a great place for teachers to live, work and grow.”

Out of the top 100 ranked cities in the report, Las Cruces had the highest comparative teaching salaries based on a salary comparison percentage, calculated using U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, which represented the median salary for K-12 teachers as it compared to the local median salary. At Las Cruces Public Schools, the starting annual salaries for teachers are: $34,000 for a level 1 certified teacher, $42,000 for a level 2 certified teacher and $52,000 for a level 3 certified teacher.

“Analysts ranked cities based on nine metrics that identify places that are affordable and pay teachers well, safe, have jobs available, have a populace that values education, and are nice places to live with abundant amenities,” according to the report. Each of the nine metrics were assigned a weighted percentage based on their perceived importance, in relation to three themes: Job availability and pay, How the area values education and Livability.

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