Mesa Middle Career Fair

Nationally-recognized Chicano Artist Fabian Debora speaks to a crowd of more than 700 middle school students as part of the Annual Mesa Middle School Career Fair, Monday, May 3 in the Mesa Middle School gymnasium, 7225 N. Jornada Road.

Earlier this month, more than 700 students at Mesa Middle School (MMS) got the chance to discover a wide a variety of career paths, listening to representatives from 23 different organizations, businesses and agencies and a keynote speech by renowned Artist Fabian Debora, as part of the Annual MMS Career Fair, Monday, May 3 at MMS, 7225 N. Jornada Road.

“The entire day was an inspirational, thought-provoking experience for the students and staff,” said MMS Principal Steve Rodriguez. “At Mesa, we’re always looking for creative and unique ways to inspire, challenge, and motivate students, so I’d like to thank all the staff members and representatives who helped put together such an amazing event.”

The fair featured ongoing presentations by representatives from a wide range of careers including: higher education, law enforcement, optometry, medical, counseling, public health, emergency services, massage therapy, construction trades, athletics, music production and food service.

The fair kicked-off with a keynote speech by Debora, who used examples from his inspirational life story as a self-taught artist to highlight the importance of finding a career path which is tailored to each individual’s talents, passions and interests. As the Substance Abuse Director for Homeboy Industries—a nonprofit based in East Los Angles, California, dedicated to job training and counseling for former gang members and inmates—Debora also spoke about the dangers of substance abuse and gang participation.

“Fabian’s story was raw, real and heartwarming, and he did a great job of connecting with the students through his unique storytelling style,” Rodriguez said. “I was thankful that Fabian was able to share his inspirational story, and I was glad to see the positive impact it had on the students.”

The fair also features special guests Alvaro Leon, an entrepreneur and owner of several Dairy Queens restaurants in Tuscon, Arizona, and Sandra Quintana, the founder of the Latino Producers Action Network (LPAN), a community youth outreach organization dedicated to the development and betterment of the Los Angeles at-risk youth through multicultural arts. Since Debora is represented by LPAN, Quintana helped arrange for Debora’s keynote presentation at the school after Rodriguez made a personal request to have him speak.

Shortly after his speech, Debora also led a live-painting workshop where he led students to create their own original artwork and painted a new piece of his own original artwork that was later donated to the school.

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