Forty three kindergarten students at Central Elementary School, with the help of teachers and parent volunteers, commemorated the 100th day of school by participating in a variety of themed educational activities, Thursday, Feb. 2 at Central Elementary School, 150 Alameda Blvd.

“This [event] was created as a fun, engaging way for the students to learn about math and writing,” said Central Elementary Principal Eloisa Solis. “All of the activities were based on the ‘100’ theme. This included activities where students used math skills to count to 100 and writing skills to write about topics such as what they would look like when they turned 100.”


Students and teachers dressed up to help build excitement for the themed writing prompt: What will I look like when I turn 100?

This is the eighth year the school has celebrated the 100th school day and the first time the celebration has included a dress-up component, to coincide with one of the writing prompts.

“Our Educational Assistant Jeanette Saenz came up with the idea for the teachers to dress up and surprise the students. Later, we expanded that idea to include the students and parents,” said Laura Bryant, kindergarten teacher and coordinator for the event. “Counting to 100 and making sense of the number 100, through the various writing and math activities, has never been so much fun – it just doesn’t ‘get old.’”

100th day activity

Students used colored tiles to count to 100 as part of one of the themed math activities