In order to gather community input about the gifted education program, the LCPS Special Education Department will host an Educational Services for Gifted Children Meeting, Saturday, Feb. 4 from 1-3 p.m. in the Doña Ana Room inside the LCPS Professional Development Center, 505 S. Main, Suite 400 (Located next to the MVD in the Loretto Town Center)

“This meeting gives everyone a chance to review the gifted program’s goals, receive important information, advocate for children who may be under-represented, and show support for the gifted program,” said Special Education Coordinator Joy Walkey.

The semi-annual meeting is open to all students, parents, teachers, staff and community members. These attendees will make up the Gifted Advisory Committee, a committee which will regularly review the goals and priorities of the gifted program, demonstrate support for the gifted program, provide information regarding the impact of various socioeconomic factors, and advocate for students to receive equal opportunities to benefit from the services for gifted students.

The meeting is State-mandated requirement for any school district that offers a gifted education program. The gifted education program was designed for students who demonstrate advanced intellectual ability paired with subject matter aptitude/achievement, creativity/divergent thinking, or problem-solving/critical thinking.

For more information, contact Walkey at: (575) 527-5910