The LCPS School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) would like to have additional members this school year.  The SHAC is an exciting committee that addresses health issues that can impact students’ academic performance.  It is based on the coordinated school health model that connects the eight areas of school health: nutrition, physical education and activity, health education, staff wellness, health services, social and emotional well-being, healthy and safe environment and family, school and community partnerships.  The SHAC philosophy— healthy students make better learners — guides the Committee’s strategy.

Health & Nutrition Specialist Barbara Berger said membership includes school staff, parents and interested community members. Occasionally older students also participate. This school year, the Committee will focus on school health education, physical education and activity, staff wellness and continued work on bullying prevention, plus the new wellness policy goals that schools will be implementing.

Anyone interested in school health is welcome to attend the four meetings this year.  They will be held from 4-5 p.m. at LCPS Professional Development Center (Organ Mountain Room), 505 S. Main (next to Motor Vehicles Department in the Loretto Towne Centre).  The meetings are on Wednesdays: September 2; November 4; January 13, 2016; and
Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

—For more information, contact Barbara Berger at 527-527-5943,