Energy 300

Receiving their traveling awards (they are recycled trophies) for the energy savings at their schools at the March 18, 2014 Board of Education meeting are, left to right, Mesa Middle School Principal Gabriel Jacquez, Booker T. Washington Elementary School Principal Julieta Marta, CrossRoads Principal Denise “Dash” Ashby and, standing in for Centennial High School Principal Michael Montoya, LCPS Energy Conservation Specialist Jim Mulhauser.

LAS CRUCES – They’re on the move again! The LCPS travelling trophies for Outstanding Energy Conservation are looking for new homes and should be settled in very soon.

Between the second week in December 2013 and the second week of January 2014, which includes the winter holiday break, the district racked up a whopping 26.8 percent in electricity cost avoidance, amounting to $68, 951.60. That’s the most LCPS has saved during the winter period since the Energy Education began in 2010.

The top-performing elementary, middle, and high schools, along with the top performing support building were:

· Booker T. Washington Elementary, saving 40.9 percent, or a total of $2,575.*

· Mesa Middle School, saving an impressive 45.8 percent, or a total of $8,258.*

· Centennial High School, saving 37.5 percent, for a total of…hold on to your hats…$17,795!*

· CrossRoads program (for long-term suspended middle and high school students), saving 46.9 percent, or a total of $720.*

ongratulations to these outstanding energy conservation performers for leading the way in energy conservation over the winter break. The four schools saved $30,000 during the tracking period.

LCPS has saved approximately $3.85 million in energy costs since the LCPS energy conservation program was begun in July 2010.

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*Savings percentages and dollar amounts are based on the same time period in the site’s base year before the energy program was started in 2010.