A School Advisory Council meeting at Camino Real Middle School. Photo courtesy of Ralph Ramos, Camino Real Middle School.


A 2012-13 meeting of the LCPS District Advisory Council (DAC) at Centennial High School.

LAS CRUCES – Anyone interested in serving on a school advisory council (SAC) at any LCPS school for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years should file a declaration of interest form (LCPS Form KCB-E1) by Monday, May 6, 2013, said LCPS Chief of Staff Leslie Cervantes.

The forms are available on the LCPS website (, in each school office and on page 3 of this news release.

SAC elections will be held at each LCPS school on or about Wednesday, May 15 at each school.

“There are typically seven adult members on each SAC – three school employees, three parents (non-school employees) and one business member, although there can be more members, as long as there is a balance between school employees and community members,” said Cervantes. “All interested parents and school staff members are encouraged to participate,” she said

“School district policy mandates that every school have a school advisory council,” said Cervantes. “Their members give principals advice on policies relating to instructional issues, curricula and school budgets; and they often oversee school fundraising activities on behalf of student and parent groups. And, SACs work closely with principals to develop ways for parents and the community to support students and school,” she said.

“SACs are very important to the success of our schools,” said Cervantes. “They provide an opportunity for parents, staff, students, community members to come together on behalf of a school. And, SACs are a vital component of our District Advisory Council, which facilities communication between schools and central office,” she said.

“School Advisory Councils and the District Advisory Council are very important to LCPS and to me personally,” said Superintendent Stan Rounds. “They are a vital means of communication among parents, school staff and administration at the building and at the district level. I strongly encourage parents and staff members to let their voices be heard through their SAC and the DAC,” he said.

Anyone interested in serving on their school’s SAC can fill out a “Declaration of Interest” form, which is available at schools or online in English or Spanish. Applications can be submitted in either language. Candidates need to specify the category of membership they are applying under: LCPS employee, parent or community member.

Completed declaration of interest forms should be submitted to each school by Monday, May 6. Completed applications will be posted in a prominent place in each school so the school community can review them during the week before the election.

After SAC elections are held, the school principal will announce the winners. SAC members serve two-year terms: June 1, 2013-May 31, 2015.

For more information, contact Cervantes at 575.527.5946 or Visit the LCPS website at and click on “Policies and Regulations” under “Important Links” in the upper left-hand corner of the home page. Then, click on “Section K: School, Community, and Home Relations.” On that page, you will find Policy and Regulation KCB: “School Advisory Councils,” along with KCB-E1: Declaration of Interest form (KCB-E1).